Pumice on a string.

    Chewable pumice toy for your small pet. Excellent for tooth health and provision of minerals, but most of all fun! Check us out on Amazon & Ebay; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272294440036
    Designed specifically with Degus in mind the Pumice on a string is made from degu-safe materials. It is an essential item to keep Chinchillas and Degus teeth in trim. Without these hard stones to chew on, the teeth can become overgrown causing health problems and stopping your pet from feeding. As you know your Degus love to chew and will love this product whilst keeping their teeth healthy.

    Specification of the pumice on a string

    Approximate stone size:

                       3 x (25mm fraction size pumice stones) 

                      100% Natural Jute String
                      100% Non-Toxic
                      100% Natural Materials
                      100% Degu Chewable
                      Easy to fix in the cage
                      Totally Degu-safe and friendly.
    Your degus will love this Pumice on a string and will love you for buying them.
    (Although we are Degu biased they are also ideal for Chinchillas).

    Check us out on Amazon & Ebay; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272294440036



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