ChewChewb Seesaw.

    This large fun toy seesaw will provide your Degu with hours of entertainment.
    Designed specifically with degus in mind this large tube seesaw (ChewChewb) is hand-made from degu-safe materials and provide hours of fun for your inquisitive pets.

    A sturdy large toy, it is chewable but take much longer to destroy than the typical degu toys subjected to the frenzied degu chew. This seesaw is suitable for large cages and pet runs. Your degu will love running through it, hiding in it, and of course chewing it!

    Buy this seesaw for only £8.99 each inc. P & P !

    Specification of Chewchewb Seesaw.

    Dimensions: L x 33.2cm, W x 10.7cm, H x 13cm
    Materials: 100% recycled cardboard
                      100% natural Jute Cloth
                      100% non-toxic glue
                      100% Bio Degradable
                      100% Degu Chewable
                      Totally Degu safe and friendly

    Your Degus will love this chewable seesaw and will love you for buying them.

    (Although we are degu biased they are also ideal for other small pets :- hamsters, gerbils, mice and especially rats).

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