Totally Degu Goo-night bedding.

    Our recommended cage substrate for your Degu. Less mess than sawdust.

    Totally Degu- Dust Free Cardboard Bedding.

    Tired of the ring of sawdust around your pets cage?

    Constantly hoovering and still it seems to find away to stick onto your clothes furniture and pets?

    Cardboard bedding is quickly becoming popular with small pet owners it is easier to handle, change and not nearly as messy as many of the alternatives. Made to ensure the bedding is dust free this degu-safe material absorbs odours as efficiently as sawdust; is safe to eat (and you know they will!) and provides a warm comfy floor for their cage.

    Totally degu Bedding is manufactured from uncontaminated cardboard. It is always cleanly packaged – in a dry, clean dust-free environment. Most of the cardboard is plain although a small amount of the board may be printed on with non-toxic water based ink. This is completely harmless to Degus (who do have a habit of eating anything they are not supposed to) and other small animals and will not run or transfer like newsprint.

    Each bag of Totally Degu cardboard bedding contains 1Kg of bedding this is enough bedding for approximately 3 cage changes.

    Please don't forget to add hay though as it is an essential part of your Degus diet!

    Save on postage and buy your bedding cheaper. Consider selecting the bumper pack of three bags for just £11.99 (plus P&P).

    Specification of the Totally degu bedding


                       1Kg per bag.

                      100% Cardboard

                      100% Non-Toxic
                      100% Bio-degradable
                      100% Degu Chewable
                      Easy to use.
                      Totally Degu-safe and friendly.
    You'll never go back to conventional bedding again!
    (Although we are degu biased they are also ideal for other small pets :- hamsters, gerbils, mice and especially rats).

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