"I get Algebra" GCSE grades 6-9

    A series of 3 sessions aimed at KS4 students that are working at the top end of the Higher GCSE (grades 6-9)
    Add the course to the shopping basket and checkout when you get to the payment page, tick agree to terms and conditions but DON'T select a payment option. Press continue and your order will be placed. To get really good grades in maths you need to be good at algebra. Especially for students at the top end of the GCSE and those looking at doing A-level maths. These sessions are aimed at Higher GCSE students that are able to Simplify, Expand and Factorise expressions. Solve and rearrange linear equations. Solve quadratics using at least one method. Have an understanding of surds. Through the three sessions I will teach them how to be confident with these skills and improve on them with more complex questions and exam questions. This course will focus on solving quadratics with a coefficient greater than 1. Solving simultaneous equations involving quadratics and algebraic equationss By the end of the course they should be have a good idea of how to improve on their algebra and be able to access a larger proportion of the algebra in the second half of the GCSE paper. The 3 sessions will be hour long group sessions with a maximum of 8 participants, ran using Zoom and Bitpaper the sessions will be at 9:30 Am Tues 31st March 9:30 Am Thurs 2nd April 9:30 Am Tues 7th April Full details of how to join and the best way to access the online lesson will be emailed shortly after purchase. If you need any details or would like some more information please contact me at [email protected]
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